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Milwaukee Roofing


Finding the Right Milwaukee Roofing Contractor!


milwaukee roofing contractor

Roofing has come a long way since the days of old when anyone with a hammer could slap another layer of shingles on their own roof and be happy with 10-15 years of service. Materials were cheap, labor was cheaper and homeowners didn’t expect a lot out of their roofs. With newer asphalt shingles and many other roofing materials with a 50yr. to a limited lifetime warranty, we now expect a lot better and longer lasting performance from our roofs than ever before. When you purchase a new roof you expect the roof to perform under nearly any weather circumstance that the Wisconsin weather has to throw at it. This includes protection and performance against high wind driven rains to 100 degree humid heat, to subzero ice dams. The roof has become an integral functioning component of the entire roofing system which includes and encompasses ventilation and insulation. A well planned out and balanced roofing system is the best way to maximize the life expectancy of your new roof. Many homeowners are making their living spaces more weather tight than ever before by adding more insulation, more efficient windows and doors, etc, and with ever rising gas prices who can blame them?!

The increase in energy efficiency has put extra strain on the shingles of our homes. Believe it or not, the tighter we make our homes the more excess heat and moisture ends up in our attics. This excess heat and moisture affects the shingles from the underside, coupled with the effects of the sun and water from the outside. Today’s shingles are being bombarded from the inside as well as the outside. As a result mold in our attics have become more and more prevalent.

At JM Remodeling we are aware of these new issues that can arise from a substandard roofing system. We are able to assess the new and special needs of your home. We use the highest industry standard products from breathable synthetic underlayments to high exhausting ridge venting and of course, top of the line shingles. Our staff consists of certified journeymen applicators and knowledgeable sales people. Roofing involves much more than it used to, current homeowners’ needs and expectations for the performance of their roofs have increased tremendously over the last decade alone. When it’s time to replace the roof, JM Remodeling will replace it right the first time, for optimal performance, and longevity of your investment.

JM Remodeling & Construction, LLC offers you a great variety of roofing services to choose from for more than two decades. We can remodel or construct your roof any way you want through our updated and state of the art techniques and professional workers. If you’re looking for versatility, quality, affordability and class, we can deliver you the best services you can ever have.

Roofing Services of JM Remodeling

Our Milwaukee roofing services are ideal for several classes of buildings including residential, commercial and even industrial markets. Wherever you are, we can customize your services according to your specific needs. With the proficient skills of our staff, you will get the excellent roofing you need combined with the best materials we have.

We deliver you these roofing services:

• General Roofing Services
• Roof Repairs (Tear offs)
• Re-Roofing
• Seamless Gutter Replacements
• Flat Roofs

Contact us today to talk to a service professional at: customerservice@jmremodelingwi.com or 414-354-2800.


Check out our gallery of Milwaukee residential and commercial roofing projects below.


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Finding the Right Milwaukee Roofing Contractor!
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Finding the Right Milwaukee Roofing Contractor!
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