What Color Shingles for Your Next Roof?

Believe it or not deciding on what color shingles for your next roof is up to you!

I asked Josh, Exterior Project Manager at JM, about some helpful tips when it comes to roofing. He informed me that one of the questions he gets often in regards to roofs is about what color shingles a home owner should use. Light or dark? Read what Josh had to say about the subject below.


what color shingles

[quote]A lot of people ask me about colors when I'm consulting them about their roof. Mainly, our clients ask for guidance with what shingle colors will look nicest with their home. Often one of the concerns with shingle color is its light or darkness. Many of our clients are concerned with the radiant heat that's generated from a darker shingle. There is an old-school per-conceived notion that a dark colored shingle=hot and hot=bad. It is true that a darker colored shingle will become hotter than a lighter colored shingle, but it is also true, that in Wisconsin 8-9 months out of the year we heat our homes. This means that the old conventional way of thinking is counter intuitive, at least for our region. A darker colored shingle is more advantageous to have on your roof when speaking in terms of energy savings. Hot=good, in Wisconsin, at least. You might ask yourself then, what about the 3-4 months of the year we aren't heating our homes? What then? It's a good question and one I'm often asked after explaining why dark shingles aren't bad. The answer is attic insulation and ventilation. As long as your attic is properly insulated and ventilated, you won't feel the affects of the additional radiant heat from a darker shingle. Today, the recommended R-value of insulation in our homes in R-49, that's nearly two feet of insulation! That's over 3 times what it used to be 20+ years ago! The insulation acts as a buffer between the heat or COLD in your attic and the living space in your home. Proper intake and exhaust ventilation will circulate the hot or cold moist air in and out of your attic keeping it dry. So when deciding what color shingle, don't sweat the heat. As long as your insulation and ventilation are up to today's standards, the choice in color shingle relies solely on your preference. Chose what works for the house and what works for you. - Josh[/quote]