Premium Vinyl Siding – Brown Deer

Premium Vinyl Siding - Brown Deer

Our customer came to us with this project because he was tired of painting his all wood-sided ranch style house. Imagine going to the hardware store, buying all that paint, and spending a few weekends in a row going up and down on a ladder, scraping, sanding and painting the entire time. Exhausted yet? As with many of our customers, he wanted to reside in his house with low maintenance materials so that he wouldn't have to worry about painting his entire house every 3-5 years. He was also concerned with energy savings. On this particular project the customer chose Mastic premium vinyl siding with a double 4" exposure over a foam insulation board. And to compliment the low maintenance feature of the premium vinyl siding, aluminum trim was installed over all the existing wood soffit, fascia, window and door trim. JM also installed new Provia aluminum storm doors to all the entry doors on the house to complete the home's low maintenance exterior. The new smaller and lighter colored 4" exposure of the premium vinyl lap siding helps to bring the aesthetic of the house up to date with a more fresh and contemporary look. The unique self storing, "hidden roll-out screen" in the storm doors we installed adds ease of use and also adds to the low maintenance theme of the project. Because JM Remodeling is a VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) certified installer and is also a certified installer through Mastic, you can rest assured the products were installed using the best industry practices to date. Our customer's home has gone from dull to vibrant, from painstaking maintenance to no maintenance at all, and is even more energy efficient than before!