Open Concept Kitchen – NARI WRA Award Winner

Open Concept Kitchen Remodel in Thiensville

The owner of this home in Thiensville came to us with a desire to remodel and update his 60’s style kitchen to present day.  Our client wished to have an open concept kitchen for his guests when entertaining and felt that the original layout of his home was too segmented and closed off from one room to the next.  The challenge was to achieve fluidity from the once segregated rooms as well as providing a sleek and updated kitchen. NARI Award Winning Project

The original floor plan positioned the kitchen in between the dining room and family room.  Our design team decided to integrate the dining room and kitchen to create a unified space perfect for entertaining as well as everyday life.  We eliminated the pocket door and the built-in china cabinet that separated the two rooms. By eliminating this entire wall we gained more space for the kitchen cabinet peninsula/ breakfast bar seating.  Drop soffits were eliminated which allowed us to install larger 42” cabinets providing additional storage space.  The cabinets were also equipped with a corner super susan and cutlery drawer tray.  We installed under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting and pendant lighting with dimmers providing optimum lighting at all times.

The newly joined open concept kitchen and dining room area create the appearance and feel of a much larger living space. We sprayed a “knockdown” texture throughout the open concept kitchen and dining room to give an updated finish on the walls and to give continuity to the combined rooms. Eliminating the kitchen soffits added to this illusion by creating an even ceiling line.  The light maple cabinetry combined with the dark colored granite countertops and art deco tile backsplash creates a beautiful contrast with the 18”x18” earth tone ceramic floor tiling.  Modern style stainless steel appliances blend well with the under mount sink bowl and plumbing fixtures.  Pendant lights as well as recessed lighting throughout the ceiling of the newly created space also add to the projects’ appeal.
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The finishing touches to this open concept kitchen remodel are what really make this project special.  A 5” crown molding detail and light bar molding was installed to the ceiling and upper cabinets for a richer look.  The cabinets were equipped with a corner super-susan, cutlery drawer tray and self-closing drawers.  Under cabinet lighting was used for functional purposes and to add dramatic splashes of light to accent the glass tile backsplash and granite countertop. Chrome finish on the pendant light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware were chosen as accents for the stainless steel appliances which adds to the appeal of this remodel.  The 18”x18” earth tone ceramic floor tiling completed the look of this project.

To fit the cabinets within the newly designed layout of the open concept kitchen while leaving enough room for a kitchen table without extending the cabinets into the dining room, we installed a smaller 30” kitchen sink cabinet rather than a standard 36” sink base.  We installed a Kraus single bowl stainless steel sink eliminating the area the sink divider would take up on a standard double bowl sink.

In order to keep within budget and still meet the customer’s needs we gave our customer many different options for his cabinetry selection.  We also gave allowances for every single finished material that was part of the remodel.  From cabinetry hardware to square footage of the tile, there was a set amount allowed for spending to remain in budget.