Milwaukee Condo Loft Room Addition – NARI WRA Award Winner

Milwaukee Condo Loft Room Addition

With this Milwaukee condo loft room addition our client’s goal was to add more living space to his condo while increasing the value of his property. We achieved this by constructing a loft space above the existing bedroom, nearly doubling the footprint of the room thereby increasing the market value of his property. NARI Award Winning Project

The floor plan did not disturb the functionality of the existing living space in any way.  The existing structure was left entirely intact as we were able to build the structural framework, within the large volume of space by separating the space on the horizontal plane rather than the vertical plane.  The space was maximized by the clever location of the required stairway within the footprint of an existing secondary closet, still keeping storage space beneath the stairway.  The loft room addition is easily accessible from a relatively central location within the home.  The loft room addition serves as a multifunctional area for an office, bedroom or both. We built a custom closet and installed custom shelving utilizing the space to its fullest capacity.  We installed recessed lighting in the master bedroom/lower level as well as adjustable swivel lights above the stairway providing maximum lighting.  We also installed dimmer switches to allow our customer to adjust the artificial lighting in combination with the natural light from the existing windows.

We chose to use a stainless steel wire cable railing system coupled with light wood tones to tie the spaces together with the existing industrial loft motif. The wire cable allowed for a clearer vision through the railings and also provided a repetitive horizontal element that is visually pleasing and functionally sound. All woodwork, doors, and flooring were made to flow with the existing details of the home by closely matching the existing wood species, profiles, and dimensions to further join all of the different elements together.
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The existing location of the countertop adjacent to the new stairs forced us to cut the top back thereby exposing the existing aggregate and rebar (reinforced steel). The concrete countertop coupled with the stairway wire cabling added another unique visual connection with the existing materials.  Our customer desired the finished riser and treads to be flush to create a polished look.

The construction materials are required to be noncombustible or fire retardant in this commercial building.  The concrete ceiling offered a unique vaulted feeling to the upper space.  The hard maple stairway and flooring combined with the exposed ductwork and recessed lighting kept with the consistent theme of this modern condominium.

Access for material delivery was a challenge. The condominium is located on the third floor of an old industrial building so all materials and workers needed to come up through the elevator or through the main stairway. We could not move any of our structural framing or structural stair frame through either of these access ways. We decided to bring everything (including drywall and wood sheathing) up from the outside of the building with a crane. Occupancy permits were pulled with the city in order to close off a section of the street. All materials were delivered to the job site at the same time enabling us to load the material up to the third floor at once.

We kept within our customer’s budget according to the original contract.  Our customer requested additional work throughout the loft room addition project and pricing was agreed upon.  The final project exceeded the owners’ expectations in both aesthetics and functionality.