Historic Mansion Restoration – Complete

Historic Mansion Restoration - Complete

This turn of the century mansion located in the heart of the downtown historical district of Mukwonago, over time, has become a shell of its former grandeur. This was a showcase home, built and lived in by a very popular builder of his era within the area. This particular home was also constructed as a gift to the builder's wife; no expense was spared. The interior is full of old world-crafted and stained intricate woodwork along with a grand staircase leading to the second floor. The exterior had a tower that stood proud above the roof line and housed a water pump which brought hot water to the 2nd story, a luxury, at the turn of the century. Some other features of the exterior included a dormer off the front section of the roof and grand three-tiered balustrade rail system that was implemented from the ground, all the way to the very peak of the roof. The current homeowner is a steward of her house. It is her desire to return this home, mostly back, into its original form. The tower and dormer will be excluded from this historic mansion restoration, however JM is restoring the roof, gutters, chimney, balustrade rail system and porch columns. The unique and challenging aspect of this historic mansion restoration is using low maintenance composite materials that mimic the original wood aesthetic. The balustrade rail system for example is made from a super high density foam encased in a polyurethane shell. The paint that will be applied will last much longer than on conventional wood due to the products extremely low expansion and contraction rate. This puts far less stress on the paint, which equals longer life and less maintenance. When taking on a project like this historic mansion restoration, a low maintenance exterior is key. Imagine the up-keep on an all wood home comprised mainly of ornate trim pieces!! It's no wonder why the house has changed so much over time. The new products will be much easier and economical to maintain, allowing the original beauty to remain unchanged for decades to come. JM will also be restoring the siding and trim using low maintenance products, while still keeping the original aesthetic. The entire 1st floor of the interior will also be renovated later this year. We'll keep you posted!

Update: The restoration is complete. Please take a look at the photos below. We're very pleased with the results as is the home owner.