Going for Gold! Lake Drive Remodel

NARI Gold Award that is!This Lake Drive Remodel will put us on top!

This 1960's home on Lake Drive in White Fish Bay is beautiful to begin with, but the home owners were looking to do a major first floor renovation to bring it up to date. This Lake Drive remodel will feature a brand new chefs kitchen complete with a massive 10'x4' island, high end cabinets and appliances as well as a Pool Table and media room with a wet bar.

For this extensive Lake Drive remodel some major challenges presented themselves. The goal was to remove walls and some supports for a more open feel. To do so new footings, posts, and Microllam LVL beams have to be installed. No small task. To add to the complexity, the floor has radiant heat which means JM Remodeling will need to have a X-Rays done of the floor to see where the existing radiant piping is. Another major challenge lies with moving the kitchen sink. The home is on a slab, and does not have a basement. So channels need to be cut into the concrete foundation to move the sink from one wall to the other. The last major obstacle is leveling the floor. Since this is an older home that has seen numerous expansions over the years, including a garage add on and entire second floor, the floors on some parts of the planned remodel area are not the same height, varying over an inch from one room to the next. Once the floor is all leveled beautiful hardwood will go down that will tie the rooms together.

Here's a sneak peek at the project before we got started and how it sits as of 5/17, in the middle of construction.

So keep your eyes open for the completion of this gorgeous home remodel. And look for us to hit gold when the NARI Awards come around later this year.