Farmhouse Restoration – JM Remodeling & Construction

This historical farmhouse restoration, listed on the City of Mequons Historic Landmark Designations Page, needed some TLC to bring back it's original charm.

Offset from the road, at the end of a long driveway this beautiful, and very large historic farmhouse restoration in Mequon WI was in dire need of some loving restoration. As you can see in the photos below the stucco was cracking, the soffits were missing in some places and the paint was faded among other major issues. With this farmhouse restoration JM Remodeling & Construction was tasked to bring this home, at least partially up to date on the exterior. The original color scheme of this farmhouse was retained in keeping this home as historically accurate as possible.  Great attention to detail was taken in restoring the exterior molding and trim to keep it within the homes design. Not an easy task bringing such an old home up to date, but JM remodeling was able to tackle this historical farmhouse restoration and custom carpentry project and restore this beautiful farm house and gave it a new life.