Commercial Window Replacement – Milwaukee

Riverbridge Condominiums Remodel Project - Commercial Window Replacement

For this particular commercial window replacement project JM Remodeling is removing the fibercement siding and all the windows in the bump-outs on all three buildings. We will also remove and replace all the vents in the masonry walls of all three buildings. With half of the bump-outs cantilevering over the river on the north side, tight spacing between the buildings, new condos being simultaneously built on the south side, and very low weight load limit on the walkways on the perimeter of the buildings, access to these four story buildings is very difficult to say the least. We came up with an innovative and light weight solution to our problem. A maneuverable plank system is used to hoist the men, their equipment and all the materials up and down to any point on the bump-outs in a safe and efficient manner.

The siding on the bump-outs is comprised of James Hardie fibercement and the windows are new construction vinyl commercial window replacement. Before we started this project we held seminars with all the manufacturers of the materials that were specified on the proposal to be sure all of our installation methods matched those of each manufacturer which includes James Hardie, Tyvek, and Silverline widows. Upon removal of the windows and siding JM encountered many areas of the wood sheathing beneath the siding to be rotten from all the leaking that occurred from the existing poorly installed siding and windows. We must replace all the rotten sheathing and wall studs before any siding or windows can be replaced at all. Afterwards, the Tyvek vapor barrier must be installed with all the proper and coordinating window flashings. The new construction vinyl widows are next in the process. Some of these are the largest windows that we've ever replaced, at around 9' x 8', the new construction vinyl replacement windows can be difficult to maneuver at times in such close quarters. There are approximately 200 windows in total between all the buildings. Lastly, the Hardie fibercement siding is installed. JM had to reconfigure the existing pattern of the siding on the bump-outs because the siding could not be installed properly, according to the manufacturers specifications, with the same pattern. This, in part, was the problem with the existing siding. This was a challenge in figuring the new design pattern because we wanted to keep the aesthetic integrity of the building yet we needed to use the proper installation methods provided to us by Hardie. As you can see the new design nicely satisfies both criteria.

Other minor issues arose during the commercial window replacement such as interior drywall repair to the window reveals and replacement or repair of the TPO flat roofs on top of the bump-outs. JM Remodeling, being a full service remodeling company, was easily able to accommodate the associations needs.