Commercial Roofing and Siding Repair – Holiday Inn

This commercial roofing and siding repair was done on the Holiday Inn new Mitchen International Airport.

The exterior of this Holiday Inn was in need of an update and repair. There were many elements that went into this commercial roofing and siding repair project near Milwaukee's Airport. To start the commercial roofing and siding repair job a complete roof tear off was performed. On a project of this size this can be a monumental task. The height of the building the the vast square footage of the roof present many challenges for JM to over come. With the years of experience our project mangers and roofers have, the roof tear off was completed in short order. Once the tear off was finished new 30-year dimensional shingle, and ice and water shield were installed. The combination of new 30 year shingles and the ice and water shield provide years of protection for the Holiday Inn against leaks, and ice dams in our harsh Wisconsin winters. A new seamless aluminum gutter system as well as GenTek steel siding with energy wrap were installed to complete the new look of the Holiday Inn as well as protect the exterior for years to come. The commercial roofing and siding repair project completed at this Holiday Inn updates the look of the hotel and ensures the exterior looks new for many years.